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Thou Shall Not Program

Published by Quinn Zepeda on November 27, 2013

Floating is on the rise, and this means there are lots of new faces trying floating out for the first time.  When someone comes to you for their first time, what should you say to explain floating? Just as importantly, is there anything you should avoid saying? Or doing?

John Lilly, the creator of the float tanks, passed along his message to Glenn and Lee Perry, his good friends and the manufacturers of the first commercial tank, Samadhi (a name that he gave them).  His message was clear - Thou shall not program.

What does this mean, and how do we accomplish it?  For me, I avoid ever telling people what their float will be like. Instead, I start by talking about some of the more common benefits.  Reduced Gravity, back and spinal decompression, reduction in the work the central nervous system has to do processing stimuli, lowered cortisol... there's no end of easy examples.  

Float Tanks Solutions

A Little Past - History of Floatation from Glenn Perry

A Little Past

Published by Glenn Perry on January 20, 2013

In the late 1960's, I was a systems computer programmer. At one point, I was in a department with just two other people. If I went down to the cafeteria with one of them, I would talk. But if I went down with both of them, I was too shy, and I would be silent.

In 1972, someone at work recommended John Lilly's"Center of the Cyclone". I was so impressed with it that, a short while later, when I saw an ad for a 5 day workshop he was giving, I immediately signed up.

There were 8 of us and we were each able to use a makeshift tank that was there. That first morning I used it. I came out to a scintillating, vibrant, energy universe. My senses were heightened and my sense of time was distorted. I was in a very unusual altered state. It was fantastic and I felt incredible.

Then after lunch, John asked me to share my experience. I did so and found something even more incredible. I was comfortable. I was actually comfortable talking in front of a group of people. Now, that was significant.

Float Tanks Solutions

Past & Present of Oasis & Future of Floating

Past & Present of Oasis & Future of Floating

Published by David Wasserman on January 13, 2013
oasisMy focus here/now will be on the past [portion of this 'assignment'] that set me up to be involved in floatation work...

It was probably inevitable that I would end up involved with float tanks ....

When your last name is Wasserman, which means 'waterman' in german*, and you, from the age of 6 years old, are taking massages, steams in steam rooms, saunas, going to thermal mineral water springs with your maternal grandfather on vacations, you are deeply imprinted with the power, pleasure, and healing of the water element, in all its forms...

[It doesn't hurt that also astrologically I am an Aquarian...the water bearer and humanitarian...something I also revel in....'I am the waterman, goo goo g'joob', with all apologies/appreciation to John Lennon...] 

As a result of these influences and my personal choices, I have sought out, in the past, every therapeutic, hedonistic treatment of massage, hydrotherapy, etc., that I could ever find...