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Float Tanks Solutions

Thou Shall Not Program

Published by Quinn Zepeda on November 27, 2013

Floating is on the rise, and this means there are lots of new faces trying floating out for the first time.  When someone comes to you for their first time, what should you say to explain floating? Just as importantly, is there anything you should avoid saying? Or doing?

John Lilly, the creator of the float tanks, passed along his message to Glenn and Lee Perry, his good friends and the manufacturers of the first commercial tank, Samadhi (a name that he gave them).  His message was clear - Thou shall not program.

What does this mean, and how do we accomplish it?  For me, I avoid ever telling people what their float will be like. Instead, I start by talking about some of the more common benefits.  Reduced Gravity, back and spinal decompression, reduction in the work the central nervous system has to do processing stimuli, lowered cortisol... there's no end of easy examples.  

Float Tanks Solutions

Four Simple, but Important Lessons We've Learned About Float Room Construction

1 - Put your shower directly next to the float tank.

Float tank showerDon't leave even an inch of room. Essentially you want an airlock but for salt- a  saltlock. That way they go from their shower directly into the float tank and (more importantly) from the salty float tank straight into the shower.

Doing this will prevent hours of cleaning, tens of thousands of dollars of salt damage, and the loss of your sanity. Whenever we hear from a float center going into construction, this is the first thing we tell them.


 2 - Tear everything out first.