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Leah Pellegrini

Reclining Pregnant


I was never comfortable in bed, in any position.

Surrounded by pillows of all shapes and sizes was the only way I could fall asleep in bed.  Even still it was a struggle.  I needed a pillow between my knees, one behind my lower back, one tucked under my big belly, a couple for my neck and head. The quest for comfort was ridiculous. I bought three different body pillows over the course of my pregnancy.

However, in the tank I could lay down and rest at ease.  I could float on my belly and feel no pressure, no pain, just a good stretch for my stiff lower back.  I could float face up with no aching, no weight of the gigantic pregnant belly,no circulatory risk for the baby or myself, just comfort.  I could lay on my sides without hurting my hips.

Float Tanks Solutions

Four Simple, but Important Lessons We've Learned About Float Room Construction

1 - Put your shower directly next to the float tank.

Float tank showerDon't leave even an inch of room. Essentially you want an airlock but for salt- a  saltlock. That way they go from their shower directly into the float tank and (more importantly) from the salty float tank straight into the shower.

Doing this will prevent hours of cleaning, tens of thousands of dollars of salt damage, and the loss of your sanity. Whenever we hear from a float center going into construction, this is the first thing we tell them.


 2 - Tear everything out first.