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Dylan Calm

No Stopping

No Stopping

As I drove Sandra home the night of my second float I turned to her and said, “Why don’t we do this? Why don’t we open a float center?”. She looked at me and nodded. “Absolutely”. Our minds were working in such unison that to this day I don’t think we even needed to exchange words, we still would have known what was next. I had assumed that our parents would warn us about going into business together, but the warnings never came. Instead, we were filled with encouragement and excitement from both sides of our family.

As the idea of opening our own float center began to take root, Sandra let me quit work and focus full-time on opening our float business.

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The Float Revolt

b2ap3_thumbnail_Float-Revolt.pngThe 4th of July holiday is a commemoration of a people revolting against a system that didn't serve them.  In honor of revolutions of such systems, lets celebrate the revolution  that floatation is. A technique truly designed for self empowerment from the doldrums of the conditioned lifestyles we are taught to acquire. A pathway cut through the brush of incessant activity which leaves us no further ahead despite the logged hours of preparation and work.

No longer will we be slave to the compulsive activity that keeps our minds occupied and our lives unfulfilled. We will work hard, play as kids, and spend time in stillness giving back to ourselves. In stillness we will drink from the waters of soul refreshment, quenching the thirst that brought us to this time and place to begin with. We will turn the rocks that have seen not the hand of our introspection, and will find the gift that grants life itself. We will unto ourselves be whole, unto ourselves be healthy, and unto ourselves be prosperous.

For it is out of our centers that we come forth bold in this world. Out of our centers that we beam our light and follow with meaningful action. It is out of our centers that we are of strength, flexibility, and tenacity, the building blocks of self-fulfillment. We stand firm, rooted in the love that we give ourselves in stillness, for we have no love, if we give it not to ourselves first. Stillness is the playground of self-love.

This is a declaration of a new beginning. A beginning that sets us apart from the dictates of our own constructions. We will be free from our own misgivings as if the results were ever the goal. We will be inspired, in-spirited to that which we have chosen, with our unrestrained visions, imprinting on this world the mark that will boast our name. And we will say, "It is Good!"

Isolation Tank Plans

Homer Simpson and Isolation Tanks


Each person enjoys a different experience when they float in an isolation tank for the first time. The Simpsons offers a satirical take on isolation tanks when Homer Simpson gets to experience being in one for the first time in the 10th season episode “Make Room For Lisa.”

Homer takes Lisa to a new age store to find natural remedies for stress-induced stomach aches. She is experiencing these stomach aches after her room is converted into a communication tower by a local cell-phone company. While in the new age store, the clerk offers time in the isolation tanks as a method for reducing Lisa’s stress and ridding her stomach ache.

The experiences of Lisa and Homer in their respective isolation tanks are as different as night and day.

Frank Rodriguez

The Floatation Tank Experience

About fifteen years ago, when I was living in Madison, Wisconsin, a flotation tank center opened, right in my neighborhood. I had heard of flotation tanks, but had never actually experienced one. So, feeling curious, I walked over to check it out, one spring afternoon.

It was a very small place: just a reception area and then a back room with two (or perhaps three) tanks, and a couple of showers. The tanks looked ominously like large metal coffins, which gave me a queasy feeling in my stomach. Still, I was up for trying it, at least once.

I received instructions on how to apply a Vaseline-like gel to my lips and any scratches or sores that might be irritated by the high-density salt-water; how to open and close the tank doors; and how to choose the "silence" or the "music" setting for my particular tank. So far, so good.

The attendant then left, I made myself naked as the day I was born, showered and put gel on my lips, chose the "silence" setting, opened the heavy tank door, slid into the warm water, and closed the door behind me.