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WeFloat Unveils Feature Rich Float Directory

WeFloat Unveils Feature Rich Float Directory

When WeFloat launched, there were a few floatatin center directories avaialble so we prefered simply linking them as a resource. In the recent years, the directories that were available languished while new ones seemed to not be complete, nor offered much in terms of features. It was because of this that we decided to develop a new Float Center Directory.

The WeFloat Directory is a valuable asset to floatation centers with features to help promote their businesses some of the features include:

  • An interactive map with clustering where numerous centers are
  • Regional sections and search for easy access
  • Summary views of multiple centers with quick links to contact

Detail view includes the following features:

  • Brochure Downloading
  • Quicklinks to Booking
  • Links to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Linked In
  • Type of Floatation Devices and how many available
  • Hours of operation and payment types

Other features include: