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Kane Mantyla

Be Wary of Groupon's Latest Tactics

Be Wary of Groupon's Latest Tactics

We recently promoted with Groupon again. It was the first time in a few years. They changed their program a bit and quickly surfaced a disturbing business practice.

First, they do not promote a single business for a single day or weekend. Most who receive Groupon emails are familiar with this. They now promote several business, products, and even travel all at once. This, in and of itself is fine. When making the agreement, I noticed that our promotion didn't end within a week, or even two, but rather the promotion would continue for the duration of the promotional value (in our case 6mo) or until the cap had been reached and that they would promote on thier site, through email, and through their network.

This all sounded reasonable for a company who pioneered the daily deal and was now awash in competition. So we went for it.

The deal launched and returned fewer sales than even the new kids on the block, Amazon Local, or Google deals. This came as  a surprise, considering a whopping 1700 sold my first go with them. I wasn't expecting a ton, but oh well, there are others.

Float Tanks Solutions

Float Center Education Through Internships

Float Center InternshipsI (Marshall) started my career in floating as an intern, coming in to the shop each Monday to learn about floating, sanitation, and better understand the intricacies of construction projects. For every four hours I worked, I was expected to schedule myself a float as part of the curriculum. Being able to float once a week as part of my learning process would have been enough to keep me coming back week after week, but I also soon realized that I had stumbled into a very strange and special place.

I stuck around as an intern for more than 6 months before they had a part time opening. Half a year after that, I was working full time at Float On.


A source of future employees

At some point you might want to a hire an employee that you know is enthusiastic, dedicated, hard working, and you know you and your coworkers can get along with. If an intern is willing to come back week after week and work in your shop with next to no reimbursement, it is a pretty good sign that they are enthusiastic about floating.


Float Tank for sale in Toronto, ON hardly used

True Rest ( float pod for sale. Almost brand new hardly used. We own a spa and have decided to install laser instead of floating. Has a 10 year warranty, also comes with extra salt. Perfect condition, absolutely no damage what-so-ever. We have tons of more pictures etc. Please email Sarah @ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 1-519-853-1333. We are asking $23,000 CAD, we paid about $30,000 USD 6 months ago.


Thank you!


Megan sproats

We don’t use neck pillows in the float tank at Cocoon!

floating-pillowWhen I first started floating there was a neck pillow in the float room. I used it because it was there. I could never get comfortable with using it and my neck would always feel tense and ache for most of my floats and I would end up throwing the pillow out of the tank mid-float.

Then I went to America and floated in several centres that did not use pillows. After 3 or so floats, I got used to physically letting go and not needing support, which was so much better. There has been no tension, for extended periods, in my neck while floating since.

I figured it was training people not to need one, which is why we don’t use neck pillows at Cocoon. From the hundreds of people we have had through, there has been 3 people who have continued to have a sore neck after their 6th float. I have noticed it usually takes at least 3 before it’s no longer an issue for people and it’s not always an issue for everyone anyway.

We will teach you some techniques when you come in on how to adjust and help your own body to get used to this new environment when you first start floating in our float tanks. For some people it’s just a little persistence.