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Northwest Floatation Center

The Story Behind the Benefits of Epsom Salt



Many of the benefits of floatation therapy arise from the fact that magnesium is the key component of the Epsom Salt that is used to make floaters buoyant in the tanks. Although floaters often discuss the various benefits of floating such as enhanced creativity, reduced pain, relaxation, and improved concentration, the specific benefits of Epsom Salt are often forgotten. Epsom Salt is actually a huge contributor to the overall benefit of floating.

Epsom Salt’s Secret Weapon: Magnesium

The primary reason that Epsom Salt is so beneficial is that it is composed of magnesium and sulfate. Magnesium is incredibly important for the health of your body, but the National Academy of Sciences has found that most American adults don’t have enough magnesium in their system.

Dylan Calm

Black Carpet, Salty Float Center

The flooring in your float rooms is going to be a top priority in the design and construction of your float center, but what about the floors around the rest of your center? You wouldn’t expect a float center to have black carpet, yet that’s exactly what we have running down the hall that leads to all our float rooms.

Earlier this week our vacuum cleaner got jammed and I didn’t have time to troubleshoot it for about 5 days. After a quick fix of pulling out some jammed gunk, I vacuumed our upstairs hall with its black carpet runner and was amazed by how easily this carpet went from funky to almost brand new looking.

imageHere is a before shot of a highly trafficked area directly in front of our Tranquility Room. What we have found is that the salt tends to burrow in between the fibers of carpet. The picture above shows a lot of salt, but that is after 5 days of no vacuuming. Carpet will actually absorb quite a bit of salt before showing it on the surface.

Because of the salt shifting to the bottom, it can take some very thorough vacuuming to get everything up, but surprisingly that’s all it usually requires. There isn’t a ton of scrubbing a working at salt stains.