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Kane Mantyla

Be Wary of Groupon's Latest Tactics

Be Wary of Groupon's Latest Tactics

We recently promoted with Groupon again. It was the first time in a few years. They changed their program a bit and quickly surfaced a disturbing business practice.

First, they do not promote a single business for a single day or weekend. Most who receive Groupon emails are familiar with this. They now promote several business, products, and even travel all at once. This, in and of itself is fine. When making the agreement, I noticed that our promotion didn't end within a week, or even two, but rather the promotion would continue for the duration of the promotional value (in our case 6mo) or until the cap had been reached and that they would promote on thier site, through email, and through their network.

This all sounded reasonable for a company who pioneered the daily deal and was now awash in competition. So we went for it.

The deal launched and returned fewer sales than even the new kids on the block, Amazon Local, or Google deals. This came as  a surprise, considering a whopping 1700 sold my first go with them. I wasn't expecting a ton, but oh well, there are others.

Northwest Floatation Center

Claustrophobia and Floatation Therapy


Many people that are interested in floating have concerns about being claustrophobic during their experience.

At Northwest Float Center we have run thousands of floats, and consistently have had no issues with people feeling claustrophobic.  The reason is simple:  you are in control.  During a walkthrough explaining the experience, you will be shown how the float tank operates and some ways to personalize the float to enhance your comfort.

There are no locks or latches on the doors and they can be propped for extra light. You also may end the experience early if desired.  While you may be apprehensive at first, once you realize that you are in full control, prior anxiety will simply float away.

Float Tanks Solutions

Thou Shall Not Program

Published by Quinn Zepeda on November 27, 2013

Floating is on the rise, and this means there are lots of new faces trying floating out for the first time.  When someone comes to you for their first time, what should you say to explain floating? Just as importantly, is there anything you should avoid saying? Or doing?

John Lilly, the creator of the float tanks, passed along his message to Glenn and Lee Perry, his good friends and the manufacturers of the first commercial tank, Samadhi (a name that he gave them).  His message was clear - Thou shall not program.

What does this mean, and how do we accomplish it?  For me, I avoid ever telling people what their float will be like. Instead, I start by talking about some of the more common benefits.  Reduced Gravity, back and spinal decompression, reduction in the work the central nervous system has to do processing stimuli, lowered cortisol... there's no end of easy examples.  

Float Tanks Solutions

Back to the Basics

Published by Ashkahn Jahromi on October 07, 2013

I arrived in Paris a few days ago for a little workcation. Naturally the first thing I did was hunt down a float tank center and book an appointment. Surprisingly, floating seems to be almost entirely missing in France: noticeably more obscure than in Germany, Spain, the UK and almost every other European nation in every direction.

However, everyone I talk too seems genuinely excited by the idea. My conversations have consistently led to people wanting to fly out to Portland just to try it. After we discuss all the logistics and benefits of floatation, people always seem to reach the same question, “Why isn’t this more well known?”

I arrived for my float today and began to get the spiel from the woman at the front desk. Apparently the only way to book the float tank (which is delightfully enough called a “cocoon of floatation”) was to book the entire spa room, which includes a vibrating water massage bed and an acoustical therapy chair in it as well. You can book the room for up to 3 people, so all the services can be used simultaneously.

Now I suspect if you have been through the process of soundproofing your float center, this will set off the same alarm bells for you that it did for me. Vibrating water massage bed? Acoustical therapy chair?! We have enough trouble keeping out the vibrations of passing cars, and here was a giant 2-ton machine designed to fiercely shake itself sitting just feet away from the float tank.