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Northwest Floatation Center

Restoring Mind-Body Awareness Through Floatation

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From pain to stress relief, floatation has continued to gain popularity as an unorthodox (and effective) treatment for an array of physical and mental conditions. These include everything from tangible muscular pain and fatigue to harder-to-define difficulties, such as depression.

At the root of many of these conditions is the integral connection between the mind, constantly engaged, and the body, which takes its cues from the mind, therefore also constantly engaged. Floatation therapy allows users experience an unbroken mind-body connection. The floatation chamber induces a meditative state, clearing the mind, allowing the body to fully relax.

For example, anxiety disorders begin in the brain, but the effects they have on the body are extremely physical. Panic attacks and general anxiety tighten muscles for long periods of time. Headaches begin. Posture is affected. This is just a single example. The important takeaway here is floatation chambers begin healing with the mind, both halting the body’s reaction to anxiety and spreading the healing to the rest of the body.

Kane Mantyla

Thoughts on the Future of Floatation Therapy

Simpsons FloatationFloatation is a wonderful tool that allows a person of any age to feel as though the did when they were a kid. If it were a pill to be swallowed, there'd be commercials plastered and prescriptions filled. Yet, despite it's consistent affect, floatation remains on the fringe of cultural awareness. Floatation has been around nearly 50 years and has been providing much needed relief for countless people for all that time and yet still hasn't crossed that tipping point. So what is different with this latest surge in interest? Has anything changed that will usher in a new age of floatation? Floatation can be a scary thing to the uninitiated. It is a dark, moist, and often musty environment. There is nothing to do but lay back and witness the unwinding. This is quite a shift from the cultural norm that blasts stimulus at us with ever increasing intensity. A shift from the context of most human experience. It is very difficult to look back with historical context and project into what life would have been like at other times in human history. I am only alive now and experiencing this moment. With that said, however, I think it is easy to state with confidence that we are, at this point, experiencing demands on our attention that are far surpassing any other time in history, save the few short periods of cataclysmic events. The demands are immediate such as dealing with automobiles, cell phones, flashing lights, and the countless other stimuli vying for our mind's attention, but also complex and structural such as the movement of culture away from natural environments into fabricated environments. In this past 50 years the human species, especially in advanced industrialized nations, has undergone an evolutionary revolution. Technology has restructured the food we eat, the environment we live in, even the makeup of our family units and the relations we foster with each other. Needless to say, our bodies' are under tremendous chronic stress while we learn hwow to integrate this new way of living. For me, this is the change that will lift floatation into the daily activities of even the most ardent resistor. From the most generic point of view, one can see stress as simply more incoming stimulus than available resources to process. A little stress is necessary for any system to remain healthy, but too much stress deteriorates and eventually breaks a system. R.E.S.T. Floatation is a very unique technique that provides the mind/body system an environment unlike any other environment in which they estimate up to 90% of the incoming stimulus is removed. This, almost total release of stimulus, has a very amazing effect on the body. It allows the body to direct the now freed resources to integrate at accelerated rates. It is this very integration that allows for the plethora of benefits that is commonplace with floatation. An integrated person thinks clearer, moves faster and with greater efficiency, and is overall, happier. So what is different now? Honestly, we have no more room to wiggle. Our current lifestyles are unsustainable without some technique that allow for more rapid integration. The chronic stress that most of us face today will eventually break us unless we have a way to metabolize it more rapidly and floatation does just that. Our world is now ready for floatation and with its acceptance in our culture, will we see a new phase of humanity emerging just as it did with agriculture, television, and the computer.

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Nothing is Everything

Nothing is Everything

It is not a difficult concept, but it is powerful...

Nothing is everything

There is no discernible difference between experiencing 0% of our universe and 100% of our universe. Frequent floaters and practitioners of meditation describe a glow that comes over them after their activity. That glow is described as a sense of peace, grounding, and the feeling that you can handle anything. A recent study shows that these practices even reshape your brain.

"...frontal lobes lit up on the screen: Meditation is sheer concentration, after all. But what fascinated Newberg was that Baime's parietal lobes went dark."

Andrew Newberg, a neuroscientist at the University of PennsylvaniaAndrew Newberg, a neuroscientist at the University of Pennsylvania

Megan sproats

So simple. So powerful.

I was introduced to floating in 2007. I had no expectations about floating but I was a little worried about feeling claustrophobic once inside the tank. I am not normally claustrophobic. I think it’s the word ‘tank’ so I am now going to refer to the tank as the ‘pod’.

I get in to the pod and sit down. I begin to lay down and all of a sudden the water propels me up! Astonishing. I feel like a helium balloon. The water holds 350kgs of epsom salts. It feels soft and silky on my skin and amazing to touch. My muscles instantly begin to relax and I have no thoughts about being claustrophobic. I feel heroic for stepping out of my comfort zone and trying something I would never normally do. Although, that seems to happen often being married to a sound scientist who has a penchant for 3 day treks with not much more than a space blanket to keep warm and garbage bags to stay dry. (Always room for 5 star food however. He’s so French when it comes to food!)

Here I am floating in a dark silky cocoon that is nurturing my body, mind and soul. So simple. The temperature of the water is at skin temperature. It’s not hot and it’s not cold, it’s just right. After a while I can’t feel where the water ends and where my body begins. This phenomenon of weightlessness is like nothing I have ever experienced before and I imagine this is how astronauts must feel.

I am listening to ambient music via under water speakers. My mind starts to drift and I see pictures like a flickering movie, however, I am the Hitchcock of this production. I hear sounds. I let everything come and go and focus on my body. I feel balanced and calm. So powerful. How has this not been made illegal!? A loop hole, brilliant.