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Why I gave up the boozin’ and got into floatin’!

r2rThis warehouse party was one of the greatest parties Sydney had ever seen! Stopping traffic on Parramatta road even.

It was a special time in Sydney for this alternative music scene and it felt so soulfully freeing. It was hardly a rave or a riot but you know, it was The Telegraph!

Around the time of this party, I was living a fairly beige existence. My Friday/Saturday nights were about what I thought to be the best way to release the frustrations of the working week, drinking to get out of it. On this particular Saturday night, pictured and circled, I found myself in fairly bad shape and had to take a ‘sickie’ the following Monday. I came to work on the Tuesday and found the paper open to this page in the tea room. I quickly tore it out hoping no managers had seen me. A few of the ‘offices anarchists’ had seen it and were high fiving me as I walked back to my desk…

I decided that was it. It was time to get smart about how I would transform my boredom with life and the need to numb myself because it wasn’t healthy for me anymore. I had been floating for a year on and off and so I started floating every Friday night instead of going out and drinking.

That is when my life REALLY took a turn around for the better. Maybe even think Pre-LSD beatles to Post-LSD beatles but with solid ground and no LSD required! I discovered that while I was numbing myself from feeling the negative things in life, I was also numbing myself from feeling the smack bang heart opening beauty in life.

I’m all for everything in moderation and for me, everything about replacing boozin’ with floatin’, as a means of release, was so much better. I could write endless amounts on this.

Post-LSD Beatles people! Get on that!

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