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The Best Time to Float

The Best Time to Float

Floating is a meditative or relaxing experience. To achieve the maximum health benefits of floating, consider the time of day you plan to float. Any opportunity is great, but depending on your individual schedule, floating at one time or other may be more beneficial. Some people get more out of meditative practices in the morning versus at night. Others prefer to break up the day with a period of time to let the mind and body rest and relax before jumping back into the flow of everyday life. The following are a few tips for choosing when to relax.

  • When you’re stressed. This may seem obvious to some, but many people hold off on relaxing until they have completed whatever task was causing them stress in the first place, treating their relaxation as a reward. However, relaxation and rest need to be taken advantage of during stress, so that stressful feelings will not continue and build. A person with a lot of tension and concerns needs to float or meditate promptly before those problems become worse. Floating allows a person to completely relax, both physically and mentally, and enables him or her to deal with thoughts calmly, one at a time.
  • First thing in the morning. Beginning the day with meditation or a relaxing float is a good way to set the tone for the rest of the day. If you begin your day with a calm mind, you can face any stress or difficulty later on.
  • During lunch. The middle of the day can be a good time to have regular meditation or floating, but it is also a great chance to practice relaxing when stressed. Dealing with stress during a scheduled break allows one to take care of problems and get into a healthy mindset before those problems get any worse.
  • End of work. By closing a workday with a time of meditation or floating, a person can put a physical and mental separation between work and home, letting go of all the stresses of the day. This allows people to have better home lives and family relationships, as well as better mental and emotional health. If you are meditating or floating at another time during the evening, have a reasonable amount of time between your relaxation and sleeping so that the two do not blend into one another.

To find out more about floatation therapy as a meditative practice and method of stress relief, research the practice and the facilities that offer it. Look into the Northwest Float Center for more in-depth information.

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