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Float to Your Destiny

I was recently at the International Float Conference in Portland, OR where I had the opportunity to speak with many float center owners from around the country and the world. Many people inspired me during the weekend. One of the most inspirational stories came from a man named Bernard, who has been operating a float center in Montreal, Canada for over thirty years called Ovarium. Bernard is a quiet but also passionate and driven man to have been able to keep his center in full operation (and growing) for so many years. Recently, they celebrated their thirtieth anniversary. They invited their long-term clients, the media, etc. for the celebration.

Two people surprised him at the celebration. One woman (in her 50s) told him a powerful story. When she was much younger, she became pregnant. She planned on having the baby. However, then the man with whom she became pregnant decided he did not want to have a child. Her life was thrown into a tailspin and she was about to have an abortion. However, before she had the abortion, she happened to stumble upon Ovarium. She desperately wanted to reduce her stress, so she floated. Something powerful happened to her when she was floating. In that quiet space, devoid of distractions and stimuli, she slowed down in a way she did not think was possible. In that slowness or nothingness, something stirred in her. Although she was newly pregnant, she experienced something hard to describe. She said she sensed a connection with the baby developing in her. In that moment, the connection was palpable. In that moment, this woman made a pact with the unborn child. She said, “We’re in this together.” She decided to keep her baby.

Twenty years or so later, there they were: mother and daughter. They attended the thirtieth anniversary of Ovarium. Bernard, the owner, did not know about that story. After the woman thanked him and told him the story, he was astounded. The woman and her daughter were so grateful to him. At the conference, when he told the story to me and everyone else, the room was silent. It was as though everyone in the room sensed the connection the woman felt to her unborn child decades earlier. We also felt the deep obligation we all have to provide floating to the world.

As co-owner of a float center, I have seen clients develop insight, peace, and understanding that made noticeable impacts on their lives. I have had friends and family members of our clients thank us for offering the gift of floating. The reality is we do not do much, except provide an environment where people can slow down and look within. We maintain a space where people can explore and communicate. However, in the end, we simply treat our clients like they are our friends or family… because they are.

Most people can probably attest that every float session allows them to shift in small or large ways. Sometimes the shift is relaxation. Other times it is facing something one is avoiding. It can also be insightful, and many other things. People get what they need when floating. Regardless, we are all like that woman who sensed that connection with her child. We want to remove the chatter and distractions to get to that place where we can “hear/see/sense” the way to move forward in our lives. Doing so allows us to tap into a creative energy and awareness, which motivates us to shape our world and have relationships that transcend our wildest expectations. As Plato said, “There is something to do, that only you can do, a place to fill, that only you can fill.” Come float and find out what that is.

Original author: David Conneely
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