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Nothing is Everything

Nothing is Everything

It is not a difficult concept, but it is powerful...

Nothing is everything

There is no discernible difference between experiencing 0% of our universe and 100% of our universe. Frequent floaters and practitioners of meditation describe a glow that comes over them after their activity. That glow is described as a sense of peace, grounding, and the feeling that you can handle anything. A recent study shows that these practices even reshape your brain.

"...frontal lobes lit up on the screen: Meditation is sheer concentration, after all. But what fascinated Newberg was that Baime's parietal lobes went dark."

Andrew Newberg, a neuroscientist at the University of PennsylvaniaAndrew Newberg, a neuroscientist at the University of Pennsylvania

At the same time, the patient being studied says  "he feels oneness with the universe, and time slips away."
 Nothing is everything. The concept need not be so broad. It can be used as a mantra in any daily activities. Try it:

Tripped with an arm load of papers? Nothing is everything
Boss being a jerk? Nothing is everything
Running late for work? Nothing is everything

No one thing you experience is everything. That sense of frustration or anger consuming you can create an illusion, the illusion that something is everything. Something can't be everything because nothing is everything. It might seem that we have turned to a different side of our coin, but it is no different than where we started. Another way of expressing the same concept.

One last attempt at communicating the power of this concept. We said earlier that "something can't be everything because nothing is everything". Apply that to yourself. Don't be afraid, you will continue to exist. That weight on your shoulders may feel like the world, but you are not everything. Stated another way: you are not nothing. Applying this concept to your perspective can have profound changes in your thinking. Go ahead. Try nothing. If that sounds too scary, try everything. 

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