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Kane Mantyla

Happy National Relaxation Day

NationalRelaxationDayJust wanted to wish everyone a Happy National Relaxation Day!

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Ashkahn Jahromi

4th Annual Float Conference! August 13-17

4th Annual Float Conference! August 13-17

The 4th Annual Float Conference is coming up right around the corner, on August 15th-16th!


This year’s conference will be the biggest yet, and we wanted to take a moment to let everyone in the float community know about some exciting conference news, and some important dates to remember!


Megan sproats

Floating The Triathlete




“I train sometimes 7 days a week up to twice a day while racing season is in full swing and making sure I take good care of myself is important so I can continue to race at full capacity.

Megan sproats

Why I gave up the boozin’ and got into floatin’!

r2rThis warehouse party was one of the greatest parties Sydney had ever seen! Stopping traffic on Parramatta road even.

It was a special time in Sydney for this alternative music scene and it felt so soulfully freeing. It was hardly a rave or a riot but you know, it was The Telegraph!

Around the time of this party, I was living a fairly beige existence. My Friday/Saturday nights were about what I thought to be the best way to release the frustrations of the working week, drinking to get out of it. On this particular Saturday night, pictured and circled, I found myself in fairly bad shape and had to take a ‘sickie’ the following Monday. I came to work on the Tuesday and found the paper open to this page in the tea room. I quickly tore it out hoping no managers had seen me. A few of the ‘offices anarchists’ had seen it and were high fiving me as I walked back to my desk…

I decided that was it. It was time to get smart about how I would transform my boredom with life and the need to numb myself because it wasn’t healthy for me anymore. I had been floating for a year on and off and so I started floating every Friday night instead of going out and drinking.

That is when my life REALLY took a turn around for the better. Maybe even think Pre-LSD beatles to Post-LSD beatles but with solid ground and no LSD required! I discovered that while I was numbing myself from feeling the negative things in life, I was also numbing myself from feeling the smack bang heart opening beauty in life.

I’m all for everything in moderation and for me, everything about replacing boozin’ with floatin’, as a means of release, was so much better. I could write endless amounts on this.

Megan sproats

We don’t use neck pillows in the float tank at Cocoon!

floating-pillowWhen I first started floating there was a neck pillow in the float room. I used it because it was there. I could never get comfortable with using it and my neck would always feel tense and ache for most of my floats and I would end up throwing the pillow out of the tank mid-float.

Then I went to America and floated in several centres that did not use pillows. After 3 or so floats, I got used to physically letting go and not needing support, which was so much better. There has been no tension, for extended periods, in my neck while floating since.

I figured it was training people not to need one, which is why we don’t use neck pillows at Cocoon. From the hundreds of people we have had through, there has been 3 people who have continued to have a sore neck after their 6th float. I have noticed it usually takes at least 3 before it’s no longer an issue for people and it’s not always an issue for everyone anyway.

We will teach you some techniques when you come in on how to adjust and help your own body to get used to this new environment when you first start floating in our float tanks. For some people it’s just a little persistence.