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Isolation Tank Plans

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Isolation Tank Plans

Heating Float Tanks

Nothing can ruin the mood of floating in an isolation tank faster than feeling cold. It becomes difficult to lose yourself in the moment if your teeth are chattering from the water temperature.

Properly heating your float tank can solve that problem. You have a pair of options in heating your tank. One option is a in-line heating system that incorporates circulation heaters. The second option is installing heating elements directly underneath the tank.

Isolation Tank Plans

A Totally Unique Way to Finance Your Tank

Are you running low on funds, but you still want to build an isolation tank? Here is a creative way to get your tank built.

Artists have always had a fascination with sensory deprivation and for good reason. Great art is created through focus and concentration, two abilities a floatation tank enables the user to harness with uncommon strength. However, due the cost of building a tank and the extra cost of having somewhere to store it, many people who would love to have a floatation tank simply cannot.

This is where a bit of ingenuity comes in. (by the way, I know this works because I did it) Try contacting your local art gallery and propose an exhibit of work inspired by time spent inside a sensory deprivation tank. Trust me, they will jump on it. Galleries are always looking for some kind of hook to snag new visitors and nothing garners interest like a floatation tank.

Isolation Tank Plans

Make New Year’s Resolutions Stick with Floating

New-Year_Resolutions_listDesiring to be better is a natural thing. People want to be better by making small changes or large changes to their lives. That’s one reason why making resolutions to ring in a new year feels like a cultural rite of passage in modern society.

Sticking to  resolutions as time goes on is a problem. It is easy to let the stress and fast pace of everyday life interfere with reaching these worthy goals. We soon forget why we made resolutions like losing weight or quitting smoking in the first place and get derailed from keeping those goals. A promise is made to do better when another new year arrives and the cycle begins anew.

Floating can be a powerful tool in breaking the cycle of unfulfilled New Year’s resolutions. When a person spends time floating in an isolation tank, they can harness the mental energy they need to make changes at a subconscious level.

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Isolation Tank Plans

The Pretender and Isolation Tanks


When Hollywood gets the chance to portray real world things, it always takes ample creative license. You can pick out a dozen random topics and discover how these things are shown on screen don’t always mesh with real life experience.

This is especially true with floating and isolation tanks. TV shows and movies are quick to take floating and shroud it in mystery, danger and fantasy. “The Pretender,” a TV series which aired from 1996 to 2000, offers a good example of this trend.

An episode from the second season, titled Over the Edge, deals with the impact of an isolation tank on the series’ main character Jarod – played by Michael T. Weiss. Jarod helps reunite an estranged mother and son. This plot device serves as a jumping off point for Jarod in his efforts to reconnect with his own long lost mother.