The Journey to Here

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By: Annalisa Hefner, Co-founder Just Float, Inc.

It started with a miracle. Eight months pregnant with our long-awaited first baby, we sought out our first float. I emerged from a dream. I’d been weightless for over an hour and had somehow heard a sweet duet of my baby’s heartbeat and my own. Jim emerged into a dream. A lifelong entrepreneur with an amazing business partner, he immediately resolved to open a float center.

We thought we’d be open by her first birthday. In reality, it took a year just to find the right building. The vision was always to build a float center that would revolutionize the experience and the industry. That started with the perfect location: easy access, stress-free parking, one-story and few windows to create a true, quiet sanctuary. The building we found was perfect, but the chopped-up maze of offices and storage rooms meant we had to demolish everything and start over.

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Hard became our mantra. When none of the float tanks on the market met our needs, we designed and built our own. When a three-month permit fight with the city threatened the dream, we expanded our plans to create the only ADA-designed tank in North America. When contractors had never even heard of floating, let alone how to build what we wanted, we taught them. Every step has been a monumental fight, but the result is a space that epitomizes peace.

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When we finally open our doors September 29th, you’ll be welcomed into our dream: A state-of-the-art float center that combines technology, comfort and healing. Each of our 11 private float rooms offer handcrafted bamboo benches, a spa-like shower and a custom-built float cabin that is spacious, noise-proof and technology-rich. The lights, audio and filtration systems are all part of an intuitively designed automation system that allows our clients to experience the ultimate float. The lights and music fade in and out in response to your movements and wishes. The four-step sanitation system assures every guest absolutely pure and safe water. Each float cabin sits upon vibration-absorbing pads that allow for a truly distraction-free float.

We’ve learned and cried and made many, many mistakes. We share your frustration at how long this has taken, but the time has finally come to invite you to join us. When you arrive, you’ll be warmly welcomed into a beautiful, serene place where your only goal is to relax. We wholeheartedly believe in the power of floating to improve every life. Now all we need is you. (Just try something new. Just leave your expectations at the door. Just be, just breathe, Just Float.)

Whether you’ve floated 100 times or never, we invite you to visit us in Pasadena. We’re offering new customers 50% off your first one-hour float therapy session when you sign up for our email list. If you’ve already signed up, expect to receive your discount code by email in the coming week. Today, we’re opening up our online scheduling system to the world. Be one of the first to float with us by booking your session online now!


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