Do You Want Radiant Skin? Then Float

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It happens all the time. Someone walks out of the float tank and they are glowing. I often tell people when they come out of their float sessions, “You are glowing.” One of our clients, Grayson, recently gave a video testimonial where she talked about how she looked ten years younger after her first float. Having radiant skin has many benefits. For example, a recent article about, “How to Look Like a Millionaire,” indicates at the end of the article how important it is to have radiant skin. In other words, you can dress well but having radiant skin is as important as a beautiful suit or dress.

There are two main reasons for why floating helps you have better skin. The first is the increase of magnesium into the body. The second is the relaxation and stress reducing effect of floating.

Magnesium is absorbed into the body during a float session because the Epsom salt (MgSO4) is made of magnesium. In other words, when you float you are floating in a sea of millions of magnesium ions. The influx of magnesium helps your skin because magnesium is an important cofactor in biochemical reactions needed for skin repair (Livestrong, 2015). The book, “The Magnesium Miracle,” writes about a study in which cells that were deficient in magnesium were twice as likely to experience attacks from free radicals, thereby increasing wrinkles. The upshot of the study was that increasing magnesium reduced wrinkles. Magnesium also reduces skin allergies. If someone is low in magnesium it increases production of histamines, which can lead to skin reactions such as blotches. If you want to reduce skin allergies come float and get your magnesium.

Another important reason why floating helps people have radiant skin is the increased mental relaxation and reduction of mental stress. Stress impairs the immune system, which hinders the skin’s ability to heal itself. Some research also indicates chronic stress can reduce the skin’s ability to regulate the inflow and outflow of material. The skin normally prevents the influx of harmful substances into the body. However, research suggests chronic stress might reduce the skin’s ability to keep out toxins, which can lead to skin disease (Harvard Health Publications, 2015).
If you want to look great for work or for your friends and family (maybe even for a special event), you should come in and float. The increase in magnesium and the reduction in mental stress will make you look younger and create a radiance that will make you feel and look fantastic.

Original author: David Conneely

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