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Float tank for sale !

Unbelievable deal for someone ! I am moving my gym and I can't take my tank with me. Tank is fully operational, has a small leak which I have the parts to fix. It's a 22000 dollar tank you could get it for as little as 5100 dollars ! Check it out ! ...
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Is a tank room considered a "pool" in the eyes of the state?

Hello! I am working on opening a center in New York state. I've been told that the health department does not regulate Float tanks in this state. Conversely, I've also read that I shoudl consider "apool designed for therapeutic use or relaxation, inc...
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Article in the Destin Log (two airmen crowdfunding a tank) A couple of airmen in Destin, FL experienced how amazing it is to recover from a hard workout by using a floatation tank. They'...
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Installing a light in a floatation spa

Hello Everyone! I ordered a light to go inside of my floatation spa. For those of you who have also done this, I was wondering where you installed it? I haven't received it yet, so I have no idea how long the cords are. I would prefer to install the...
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Bill Jensen: Flotation tanks ease stress Bill Jensen: Flotation tanks ease stress Updated 9:07 p.m., Tuesday, October 16, 2012 A client in one of the floatation tanks at FLOAT, Floatation Cent...
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