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  1. chirag
  2. Epsom Salt
  3. Sunday, September 17 2017, 04:03 PM
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just wondering if Epsom salt mixes faster in warm water or room temp water? Also for a new solution besides pure Epsom salt should I use sodium bicarbonate or PH up To increase the PH lowered by the salt. Or would that depend on how alkaline my water is.

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Kane Mantyla Accepted Answer

Epsom salt dissolves much quicker in warm water and can hold a higher saturation. There is a chemical reaction when epsom salt dissolved that cools, even hot water, precipitously. DO NOT ADD ANY ADDITIVES until your solution is dissolved and stable. Be carful adding baking soda or any additive as they contail minerals that could potenially oxidize with sanitizers and turn your water brown. After epsom salt is added and the solution stabilizes in temperature, give it a couple days before adding any ph +/- .
If you have an ozonator, you can aerate your solution to bring up ph without adding an more additives. It does work better with low ph, than with moderate ph.

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