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  3. Wednesday, April 05 2017, 03:15 AM
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I have a Zen tent that I am selling. I'm not quite ready to sell it but very soon.

*It has a new tub for it, never used.
both tubs work fine, the older tub has some residue that I could not get off.
You can have both if you want.

*There are 3 pumps total
one of the pumps is additional pump that is more powerful than the Zen OEM pumps. This pump was used for about 11 months.
All 3 pumps have working UV lights. The tent really only needs two pumps at a time.

*I have 3 controllers for it. This is the part with the display and it powers the heating pads.
Between the 3 of them they were used only 1 year total.
All 3 controllers are the solid state, silent ones.

There are some issues with the tent cover.

I want $1,250 for it.

  Utah, USA
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Artemida Svet Accepted Answer

hello. how to cantact you ?

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